You Just Never Know When Your Time is Up

Anything Could Happen

Do you sometimes sit there and think about how anything could happen at any time?

In general the more risk involved the more things could go wrong. But the reward could be bigger.

But you don’t know.

Something could break. You could fall. You could be involved in some random thing. You could die.

It boggles my mind sometimes.

Did I Mention This Before?

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it on here somewhere before

Although when I looked I couldn’t see where exactly.

But the thought of randomly and suddenly dying freaks me out a bit.

Because well that sucks in general.

But the other part to it is when I think about digital assets and things that will just eventually stop working. Or stop existing.

Because no one knows how to access things. Or no one knows how things work.

There is also the part where if bills aren’t paid. Services stop.

I think about this stuff a bit.

What Inspired this Post?

I got a phone call the other day.

From someone that is more connected to the past than I am. Who still talks to people at the old workplace.

The place I worked at for 8 years. And left 8 years ago.

I’m terrible at keeping in touch with people from the past. But it doesn’t bother me. My default is I don’t mind not keeping in touch.

Anyways. That’s a different story.

The phone call was about a guy at the place I used to work at.

He didn’t turn up to meet his friends. He had dropped dead at home.

He was 47 years old.

I’m 40 as I write this. I don’t dwell on the age thing too much.

It sucks. And it’s sad and scary at the same time.

The thing that hits is he was a nice guy. Every interaction. Every talk. All round good.

He’s also got 2 young children.

That sucks even more.

That’s what inspired this post. That made me think about this sudden randomness that can occur.

That sometimes we don’t know what’s going to happen.

The Funeral

I haven’t been to too many funerals. I’m not sure if that means I am lucky.

To be honest, I was apprehensive about going to it.

Not because of the funeral itself.

But because I didn’t know who else would be going.

I knew there would be a lot of people going. And there were.

The industry he was involved in is a close knit community of people.

I thought there might be a couple of people I would be better off not seeing. But being there to celebrate his life and pay my respects was more important.

So I went a long.

It was like a mini reunion of people from my past work life. It was good. Caught up with a lot of people.

And other people weren’t there. Which was good for me. But surprising in some ways.

Really sad. Aren’t all funerals. Very moving.

It makes you think a lot.

Other People Passed

A couple of us were talking to someone as we were about to leave the function afterwards.

Which was good. As we learned there were a bunch more people that had passed away recently.

Because of covid and other things, few people went to their funerals. Which was sad, as I think a lot more would have.

In some ways, it was a bit of a shock to hear they had passed away. All cool people to interact with. Some of them gone way too soon.

What to Take From This

It’s good to think about things.

Funerals have this way of making you hyper focus on parts of your life. Parts you could be doing better.

Funerals focus on the good parts of the person’s life. Which is good.

What will people say about your or my funeral? I have no idea.

I hope nice things.

It helps if you do nice things and are a good person.

Maybe that is the takeaway from this.

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