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The website of a hairy giant pumpkin grower based in Hamilton, NZ

My Projects

Things that keep me busy

Giant Pumpkins NZ

The website for growing giant pumpkins in NZ.  From seed to weigh-off.

The Chris and Sam Podcast

The weekly podcast of two flatmates from Hamilton.

Op Shop Directory NZ

The Op Shop Directory lists all the Op Shops in New Zealand.

The Great Pumpkin Carnival

The biggest and best pumpkin event held in New Zealand.

NZ Secret Santa

The nationwide secret Santa game I created and ran for the first 3 years.

The Pumpkin Podcast

A podcast for giant pumpkin growers with interviews from around the world.

About me

About me

I’m based in Hamilton, I love talking about random stuff, I’m slightly addicted to pumpkins and would love to have a chat.

Pumpkin Boats Captained

Podcast Episodes Created

TEDx Talks Given

Blog Posts Written

Op Shops Listed

Pumpkin Vests Made

My TEDx Video – NZ Secret Santa


Drop Me a Line

Feel free to contact me about anything you have seen on the website, if you want some advice or just want to say hi.