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May Update 2022 Version

So We’re in May Already

Not an exciting title for this blog post to be honest.

But it will serve the purpose.

I think May is traditionally when I feel the least productive out of the whole year. I’m working on it. But some days I am just tired.

I started taking a multi vitamin which I think is working. I’m eating better which means I am dropping some weight currently.

I came across some guy on Instagram showing an exercise to help strengthen your ankles. And it seems to work. My ankle problem hasn’t flared up lately.

I need to get out walking more though.

Got Sick

I got some sort of stomach bug recently too. Which snowballed into the not doing much.

But I was pretty sick.

Throwing up even. I’m not sure the last time I threw up. Maybe 15 years ago.

Anyway it’s not fun. If you’ve been sick lately I hope you feel better soon.

Built a Website

A friend hit me up asking to build them a website. They didn’t have one for their new business.

I think everyone should have their own website.

It doesn’t have to be super fancy. But it has to be your own.

My Offer

Some days I dislike dealing with people with no technical skills. But if they had technical skills, they wouldn’t be talking to me.

So this is what I laid out:

  • I’ll build the website for a set price
  • They have to have the domain name under their own account
  • We set the web hosting up under their own account

There are a couple of reasons for all of this.

First, I want them to own everything. They get the bills when they come in. It’s up to them to pay that. If they don’ t their website dies.

I don’t want to handle bill payments.

Second, this works out cheaper as they don’t have some person putting on stupid mark ups on this stuff.

Third, I always worry about if something happens to me. What happens with all the digital assets and stuff I have.

One less thing to worry about if they pay for all the accounts. They could also easily get someone in to work on the site if they needed.

The Challenge Now

I’ve built the website. For the set price. Which was apparently way too low. So they gave me some more money. Which was nice of them.

It’s a service type business. And where I think these businesses fail is, they create no more content.

They rely on Google ads.

I feel and suggested that we create essentially blog posts. Answering questions customers would have. And information that would be useful.

Long tail keywords is the key here.

And while I said I would write these articles. (and charge for them) I can’t drive all of this.

I need input.

That’s the Bit I Don’t Like

I know people want things done for them. That’s what they pay for.

I get that.

But I can’t drive and do everything. I have enough things to work on.

This is the part that is missing for me. The drive and being in charge part.

Anyway, I enjoyed putting this website together. And I’ll enjoy tweaking things later on as well. All to drive traffic to it.


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