This is my now page, inspired by Derek Sivers and hearing about via a podcast episode he did with Tim Ferriss.

Updated: 01/01/2018

What I am doing now:

  • Currently based in Hamilton NZ.
  • Planning The Great Pumpkin Carnival, which I am now the President of.
  • Keeping up with all my projects I have on the go.
  • Updating my bullet journal
  • Starting to Vlog on the Giant Pumpkins NZ YouTube Channel
  • Being an awesome Dad.

What keeps me busy at the moment:

Op Shop Directory – The Directory for finding op shops here in New Zealand, I am constantly updating and adding in new op shops when I find them.
Giant Pumpkins NZ – The website for growing giant pumpkins here in New Zealand.
The Great Pumpkin Carnival – The biggest and best pumpkin event in NZ, held in Hamilton.  I’ve stepped into the role of president, and am already working on next years event.
The Chris and Sam Podcast – A podcast where two guys (Chris and myself) make a weekly podcast about randomness technology and life.  I edit and produce the episodes.
The Pumpkin Podcast – The latest idea I’ve released, I’m going to be interviewing pumpkin growers and sharing thier stories.

New projects in the near future include:

Giant Veges NZ – The website for recording giant vegetable records here in NZ