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Sometimes there is a constant struggle of feeling like you’ve been productive and getting things done.

Some days you are trying to find a system that works for you. One that captures things you need to do. Helps you organise them and lets you mark them off.

From to do lists to other tools, paper, notes and everything else you can think of.

Most of the time this is the reality:

You know what you need to do. Just do it.

I’ve been bouncing around between different things. Getting easily distracted by things and sometimes wondering what the hell have I done all day. But all the while feeling pretty good.

Run Update

In the last post I said I signed up for a 6km fun run. It was the Round the Bridges run. The longest running event in NZ I think.

First time I have ever been to it.

With 6300 people signed up to do it and all jammed into the street for the start. It can be a bit overwhelming.

It went well.

I did 6km in the about the same time I was doing in my training. Which was 44:30.

But the 6km fun run I came in at 47:56 (7:59min/km pace)

My watch told me I had done 6km well ahead of the finish. Not sure if that was due to all the weaving through people or what.

But I was happy with how I went. With the weaving between people and the hills which were more than I had trained for I felt I did OK. I jogged the whole way which is always my goal.

But I Sort Of Stuffed Up

Mainly my fault because I wasn’t paying attention, and it was my first time. But I rowed up in the wrong starting grid.

While most of my bib is green. There was a small box at the bottom that said purple start. Which was the joggers.

I think they should have made the whole bib purple. But that’s just my opinion.

I realised this stuff up after I finished. But it seemed there were a few of use running through the walkers. Which was annoying for everyone I guess.

But I learned something and it was a good first event.

Need to figure out what to sign up for next.

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