Day 14 Update of Whole30

Here I am on day 14 of the Whole30 food challenge, which coincidently means it is also my birthday WOOHOO.

Everything overall has been going good, I’m finding it quite easy to stick to the plan that is the Whole30, there were only 2 little random things that could be frowned upon.

How I’ve been feeling

I’ve been tired, something I have been dealing with a lot and have written about previously. Apparently, there is nothing wrong with me, I feel I am eating a lot of good food, I am eating enough I am rarely hungry these days. It’s a bit annoying, but hopefully, I find a good combination to make me feel more awake.

But on the whole, I am feeling better doing the Whole30 than not doing it.

The Food

The food had all been pretty basic, now onto the couple of naughty things, my daughter and I ended up at a cafĂ© earlier on in the week, not really something I am used to and I guess I am quite foreign to them, I just can’t justify paying all the money. Anyways, this was a bit of a holiday treat after we had been ten pin bowling.

I ended up ordering a chicken salad, which I didn’t take a photo of at all, but it was very epic, it had lots of broccoli, lettuce and all this other good stuff and had a bit of a chipotle sauce over it, which probably wasn’t Whole30 compliant at all. I did stop myself from ordering some sort of drink from the place (all to do with my money saving ways at the moment) and I took a small sip of my daughters iced chocolate drink, and it pretty much blew my mind at how sweet it was.

The other time I wasn’t good, was last night. We had a pot luck dinner for some of the people from work. I made this roasted lemon chicken with potatoes and rosemary which I do have to say turned out pretty awesome and was super simple to make. I turned down crackers and cheese and instead had some carrot sticks. I also had the salad, lamb, vegetables and my chicken. When it was time for dessert, I didn’t want to be too weird due to the situation etc., so I had a small slice of pavlova, all the while turning down the ice-cream.

So, on those two fronts, those things aren’t the best when everything is supposed to be clean etc. But since doing the Whole30, I am now looking at food, thinking about if I really want/need it (a lot of the time it is a no) I’ve also started looking at some of the portions other people are eating all the while they themselves are stating they really should lose some weight and look at what they are eating.

The whole looking at food and thinking about it is tying in nicely with my whole paying off debt thing I am doing right now, so much so that I didn’t go out for breakfast for my birthday.

I was planning on treating myself and going to a place called Two Birds Eatery, a clean eating restaurant with amazing sounding food, I’ve never been there before but I know some people that have and rave about it. But after the initial excitement of going wore off, I couldn’t justify spending the money on it, so instead I cooked bacon and eggs with some avocado for breakfast.

Of course, I won

Before starting on this Whole30 plan and before I started checking Facebook only once per day I entered a Facebook competition to win some chocolate. Well, I just found out I was one of the winners. It’s local made stuff which is really good, and just how much did I win, well this much.

Donovans Chocolates

I know if I have any of it I will eat way more than I should. I’m not a moderation kind of person in regards to food, so the best thing is to not have it at all. I think I will give it away or hold onto it for future gifts through the year.


This last 7 days has resulted in dropping another 1.7kg’s which I am now feeling like I have lost. So that’s good.


I’ve been fitting in walks when I can, but have been nowhere near as active as I need to be. I’ve also been sticking with this 100 pushups app I’ve been using on my phone, it seems really good and I’ve been looking into some of the other apps made by the same people.

So there we go, another 7 days down, another update due at the 21 days mark. Hows things with your Whole30 going? Let me know in the comments.

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