7 Days into the Whole30

Here I am at the day 7 mark of doing the Whole30 eating plan

And it’s going pretty good.

The first few days suck

I forgot about how it feels when you don’t have sugar and processed food, you feel like crap and are super grumpy, well I was at least. I heard from a couple of people and day 5 is around about the time you come right and they were correct, after that I started to feel much better.

How I’ve been feeling

I’ve been feeling good, and for the first couple of days I had to stop my mind wandering to food and the urge to randomly grab something to eat was there quite a lot, it didn’t help during this period I was at my parent’s place and there is home baking and chocolate all over the place, very easy to eat some crap food at any time but I resisted it ALL.

I’ve also been slowing down when I eat, tasting the food more and thinking about it. I’ve had a couple of instances where I have the feeling of being hungry, but when I eat I am struggling to finish the salad I made. I think my brain is telling me I’m hungry more than my body.

The Food

Dinner – been a bit plain and revolves around a salad with chicken or sometimes with tuna mainly due to I am working nights at the moment and there is no way to heat anything I make.

Breakfast and lunches – have been much better, although I will need to start considering more recipe’s and will go looking for some new ones to try, if you have something awesome you think I should try let me know in the comments.

I’m also currently hanging out for payday so I can get more awesome food. One thing that I did find extremely handy are these cubes of frozen spinach which lets me throw it into pretty much anything and not worry about remembering to eat it before it goes off.

Frozen Cubes of Spinach

Snacks – Bananas and apples are the mainstay in the snack department, and I did get a jar of almond butter which has some seeds in it, I’ve been careful to only have a small amount of that each day when I do have it.

I think I went a bit overboard on the nuts I had at the movies the other day when I went back and looked at the recommended portion size, but I know that now and will add that to my lunch next week.

So, I’ve managed to knock down these first 7 days, keep completely on track and am looking forward to the next 7 days (expect and update then)


Per the scales I have dropped 3.5kg’s in this first week, which is probably mainly water etc, I’ll see how I go for the next 7 days.  I’m not tracking measurements.


This has been revolving around work, how busy and tired I have been. This is mainly just walking at the moment and I do an 8km track from my house around the lake and back again.

So far so good, like I said earlier expect an update in 7 days.

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