Day 21 of the Whole30 food journey and it’s been all over the place these last 7 days.

Food Update

My birthday was thrown into the mix and while that isn’t an excuse really to eat stuff that is bad for you, I did partake in the pumpkin shaped pumpkin cake my Mum made for me. Better than anything store bought that is for sure.

My pumpkin shaped pumpkin cake

The chocolate that I mentioned in the last post hasn’t turned up yet so that could be a good thing.

I had a couple of other bad bits of food like a smoothie that contained dairy, a cracker and some nut mix that had a piece of chocolate in it as well as a yoghurt covered raisin.

Oh and I went to a night market which involved me having some of a giant pretzel, some pork dumplings and a shrimp pancake which was very good and I think was a good choice compared to some of the other offerings that night.

While not sticking to the Whole30 way every day, I was very aware of what I was eating and only had a little bit of the bad stuff which was good, I’ve had a bunch of eggs, mince, and vegetables over the last 7 days.


I’m away from home so don’t have access to the scales I’ve been using so I’m going to wait until next week for an update on that.


The only thing that has been different this week was that I went with my cousin to the very first Parkrun in Taupo today.

Parkrun is a timed 5km run held all over the world that is completely free, it’s always on a Saturday morning and here it is at 8am.

Park Run Logo

I really should have gone and checked out the Hamilton one first as I live really close to the lake, but this was a good first one. It was a there and back type course so 2.5km then turn around and come back. I managed to jog the whole way which I was very pleased with but the last kilometre my legs were burning.

Before this the longest I think I have run jogged in one go was around 3km.

My results were:

  • I came 81st out of 128 ppl taking part
  • I did the 5km in 34min 52 seconds

It’s a great atmosphere with awesome people all of them very encouraging and having it all timed you have a personal best to beat. I’ve got a fair way to go to match my cousin who did her 221st run today, but it was a great experience. Although my legs are killing me right now and I’m beginning to think it will take me a while to get going tomorrow morning.

OK, one more week of the Whole30 to go, then time to reassess what I am doing, and what I want to do moving forward.

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