I’m always working on different things when not working at my day job. Here’s a list of some of projects I’ve started, or helped out in some way. There are always others being started as well.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

A website I started back in 2010. The number one website in NZ about giant pumpkins. It also has one of the best weight estimation tools in the world.

It’s the project I’ve put more hours into than anything else.

In 2023 I volunteered at the Misty Flicks Film Festival. In 2024 I am currently the event co-ordinator.

Lots to learn and organise. Exciting times.

I was the creator of NZ Secret Santa on Twitter. I ran it for 3 years, before handing it over to NZ post to run. They then sold/gave the rights to another company.

A community run event was happening until X changed their rules. Unsure if anything is currently happening with this.

Here’s my TEDx talk about it:

Back in 2009ish I wondered if there was a website that had op shops listed. I couldn’t find one so I decided to build it.’

I’ve been updating and tinkering with this website when I have time and feel like it.

Since 2014 myself and my mate Chris have been creating a weekly podcast.

Over 450 episodes, covering randomness, technology and life.

I started helping out with the carnival from the very first one. I then built the website for it, later on becoming the president.

More recently we’ve wound the event down and handed it over to another group of people.

A podcast I helped produce. Not currently active but past episodes can be found on any good podcasting app.

There is always other projects. New ideas or things that just haven’t worked out the way I thought they would.

Mix in some occasional behind the scenes film work, I always have something I could be working on.

The trick is finding out what is worth working on. Learning to say no before taking on too many other things is a key skill to learn.