Gem Visa and Their Positive News

First off if you haven’t seen the post where I broke down my debt head on over there.

In that break down you will see part of my debt is to GEM Visa for around $1785.97

GEM Visa has some exciting news for me today.

Firstly, in the mail, I got a letter from them saying how wonderful I was and that I was conditionally approved for an extra $8000 to use on whatever I want. “Make your resolution a happening thing today” they told me.

They were so excited about this news they rang me about 3 hours after getting the letter. The man on the phone was a smooth talker and was ploughing through his dialogue, it’s almost like he has given it 100’s or 1000’s of times before.

First of he said this was a positive call, and after looking through their accounts they could easily see I was great at paying off my account and wanted to offer me a special deal. They could offer me between $2000 and $8000 because I was a conditionally approved. I could do anything I want with this and work towards my goals etc and I could have the money in my account as early as tomorrow morning all the for the great interest rate of 20.99%

It was all great to hear and I was excited they were excited. How could I turn this AMAZING offer down??????

Then I told them what I thought

I politely informed them that it wasn’t exciting news at all and my current goal was to smash out my debt as soon as possible and that I wouldn’t be taking up their offer and I’m looking forward to cancelling my account very soon (I already cut the card up months ago)

He seemed quite happy to hear that and then asked if there were any issues and if everything was good dealing with them, I said no issues and everything was good.

That ended the phone call.

I’m glad I have all of this money stuff sitting right in my head, I have a goal and know where I am wanting to go. No wonder people get into so much trouble when finance companies are offering money all the time.

Do you get crazy offers from people? Let me know.

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