Signed up for a Fun Run

I somehow found myself watching a video from a guy in the UK named Mark Lewis.

His whole thing is to be a bit above average.

He does it by taking part in different running, multisport and obstacle events plus other things.

You can see his YouTube channel here.

The videos are entertaining, motivational and cover all sorts of different areas. I think I’m about a third of the way through all of the videos he has made. And I really like them.

So I Signed up for a 6km Fun Run

The Lugton’s Round the Bridges Run is happening on the 13th of November.

A quick check on the calendar showed that I wasn’t working that day.

At the old house we could see all the people run by as they competed.

I always thought I would give it a go.

So after feeling like a lump and watching Mark’s motivational videos I committed to taking part in the event.

6km to Start With

There’s a 12km or 6km option for the event.

I decided to do the 6km event.

I’ve run / jogged 5km before at Parkrun before. So 6km is a good push to what I can do currently. And will be the longest distance I’ve run to date.

My fastest Parkrun time ever was 31:14

Might Lose Some Weight

If I do some training and cut down on the sweet sweet goodness that is bread. I should be able to move down from what I like to call my resting fat weight.

Which for me is 107kg

Progress So Far

First up I walked 6km to see what the absolute slowest I could be was.

Turns out that is 56:26

Next time I went out for 6km I walked and jogged it. Alternating between power and light poles.

That time came in at 46:24

To be in the jogging class at the event. I need to come in under 45 mins.

Which I think is doable if I keep training for it.

The Plan

I’m going to do some more jog / walks to build up my fitness. Then I’ll attempt to jog 6km non stop.

In a couple of weeks I’ll go do a Parkrun and see how that goes. I want to get a new PB and to get under 30mins would be amazing.

Consistent work should pay off.

I’m also making sure I don’t stuff my ankle again. So lot of stretches before and after.

The Event

I’m looking forward to it. I’ve walked and jogged most of the course in the past.

It’s going to be interesting with so many people taking part. But that does seem to provide more motivation. By either passing people, or finding someone to help pace yourself with.

My Takeaway

It’s good to challenge yourself in some way.

It doesn’t have to be something major. But pushing yourself can lead to better results and learning new things.

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