I’m Doing the Whole30

It’s the New Year and it’s time for resolutions and all that kinda stuff. I’m trying to be more productive this year and I also want to lose some weight. I’ve got something coming up later on in the year that I want to look good for.

I’ve decided to give the Whole30 a go.

So the Whole30 is basically eating whole food for a whole month. Food that doesn’t have ingredients are best. Meat, vegetables and some fruit.

It’s all rather simple, and the thing that makes it a bit different from some others is potatoes are OK to eat on the list, and I am rather happy about that.


While there are books about the Whole30 you can buy, the whole concept is free to get on their website

I’ve printed out and laminated the information sheets because I am a geek like that.

How will I go?

Well, I should be OK. The hardest places are when I am at work as I don’t have any means to reheat anything, but I should be able to manage, when it is sunny out it is quite easy and cheap to eat salads. The other potential place that can cause problems is my parents place. There is always a lot of stuff to eat here and when you are bored or want to snack it’s very easy to. I told my Mum about it and she’s on board, so is making sure there is meat and vegetables for me to eat at dinner and lunch.

I also need to sort out some snacks for times when I need something to eat but don’t want a full blown meal. I will probably be going to the biltong shop as I find that a good way to get protein and it works out cheap compared to anything you can get at the supermarket.

I’m also looking at the best place to get all my vegetables and fruit from, the first place I tried which was a stand alone fruit and vege shop which is rated pretty well was just OK in my opinion. I’m going to check out the 2 supermarkets near me as well.


I need to update my recipe base so I have new ideas of things to make, I’ve started following Whole30 on Instagram which is a good start and will also check out the forum on the website and I will probably at some point buy the Whole30 recipe book.

So that is the plan for the start of the year and sorting out the food situation. I’ll have updates throughout the month of how it is all going with tips, hints or pitfalls to look out for.

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