End of January and the Plan for February

1/12th of the year has already gone by, which seems crazy as just the other day it seemed I was gearing up for Christmas.

I think it’s always a good idea to reflect on the things you did and for my January consisted of:

  • Starting the Whole30 food plan
  • Went to the Rotorua night markets
  • Went night Luging
  • Did my very first Park Run
  • Changed my insurance company
  • Changed my credit card
  • Went to a funeral
  • Had a meeting about an upcoming project
  • Went to the zoo

That’s everything that comes to mine, as well as work, hanging out with family, getting annoyed by people and sleeping.

Here’s what I’m wanting to do for February

I seem to be a fan of doing things for a month at a time, and I think it will be something I will continue through this year. Of course, the Whole30 is over with and I’m going to slightly modify it moving forward as mentioned in this post, but for February I am going to be beating my best month ever for steps.

Now I have been using the Garmin Vivofit for the last couple of years and I must admit I really like the Garmin gear, at some point in the future I really do want to upgrade to the Garmin Vivo Active HR, when I can afford it as part of the budget of course.

What is the goal?

The most steps I have done in a month per the personal records page on Garmin Connect was 356,303 steps in May 2016.

That figure divided by 28 days in Feb gives me 12,725 steps, this is the baseline I need each day just to break even.

That’s quite a few steps

Yup it sure is, and it’s a bit more then say a month with 31 days, but it is a challenge and one I’m going to take up. Now there are some days when I won’t be able to get all the steps and I will have to make them up on others. Lots of walking/jogging and early morning starts are in the future.

I’ve already set the alarm for tomorrow morning for 5am.

What are you up to? Leave a comment below.

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