2019 is Here

2019 is here, and it already feels like it is rushing by, which I’m not sure is a good thing or not.

I’m also unsure of what my big plans are for this year, if there are any big plans at all. Nothing super exciting or out of the ordinary from last year I am thinking. I am OK with that as it lays the groundwork for more exciting things in the future.

Not Spending

One of the things I am changing is the spending of money on random little things. The random little things that add up to a lot over time.

When you record everything you spend, you have the ability to look back over it and see where the money is going.

For me it seems to be random purchases of food. I am terrible at buying things when I stop at a petrol station, this is compounded by the fact I need to go to a petrol station 2 – 3 times a week, either for myself or for work.

Willpower is sometimes hard to stick to, arguing with yourself in your mind as you are buying a random pie you don’t need can never be a good sign.

Piggy Bank save money investment

Removing the way to pay seems to be the key.

You might be reading this and thinking what are you on about, just don’t buy stuff you don’t need, take control.

Easier said than done. Have a look around at what people buy, how advertising works, how people are swayed into buying things they don’t need. And realise everyone has a different relationship with money, some good, some bad, some people fluctuate between the two.

For the last couple of weeks I have left my eftpos and credit card at home. I don’t have it with me, and if I need to buy something it is planned and I take the cards with me.

But what happens if you NEED to pay for something.

Well I have a backup for that, I have a $50 note stashed away, in case of emergency’s. I find the key for this part to work is to have 1 large denomination note. That way you are less likely to use it for a small purchase.

I’ll do an update at a later stage on how this works out.

New Years Resolutions

I really hate that name, I think I’ll just call it future plans.

Nothing different from most people, but I am going to try and update this blog more often, even if it is just for myself. There is a lot to be said for writing, I find it clears the mind for more important things.

If you haven’t written, try it out. Either into a word doc, or handwritten journal, or anywhere really, it doesn’t matter. It will do wonders for how you think about things.

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