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Welcome to 2020 and Other Ramblings

A new year.

Time to reflect, I guess.

2020 sounds so much bigger than any of the previous 19 I guess.

Time flies by and goes slowly all at the same time.

What I’m up to or not up to

Bullet Journaling no More
I stopped bullet journaling about 6 months ago. It’s good, and it was helpful, but even with a minimalistic approach it sure was time consuming.

I had to have a think about what I liked and what worked for me with the bullet journaling method. Then I had to see how I could translate that, or find something that worked better for me. Which I did, and I will cover in a future blog post.

Still Rocking YNAB
YNAB is still my tool of choice for sorting out my budget and finances. It’s working well, and I’ll be happier when I get rid of some more debt.

I did look at a couple of other potential tools to use, but that was more to do with procrastinating I think then actually needing something else.

Op Shop Directory
I have hardly touched or updated this website at all in the last 12 months. I love the idea of it, and the community that is there for it, but I am not feeling it. I keep seeing if I will in between pumpkin seasons, but I think I might be flogging a dead horse.

Not sure what to do with this right at this point in time.

Giant Pumpkins
I’m going full on with all of my pumpkin stuff. I have lots of plans and ideas, and am starting to put out more content than I have ever done before.

Will any of this eventuate into something bigger? I’m not sure, but I like doing it and am looking forward to the rest of 2020.

The Chris and Sam Podcast is going well. According to the stats page (which I’m not sure how reliable it is) we get more and more listeners each month. Who these people are, we have no idea.

We get very little interaction from listeners. Are they stalkers? Bots? Or just normal people, who knows?

What I do know is that podcasting, more precisely this idea I have is itching the back of my mind from time to time.

But do I really want to create something else? I’m not sure.

There are two parts to it:

One is I want to get some more podcasting gear. I don’t “need” it, but it would make things easier. Also once I have it, I won’t need to update or upgrade in the future.

Total cost is around $2000

A lot of money, but in the grand scheme of things and compared to professional stuff, quite cheap.

The other part is the idea for this new podcast. I’m not going to outline it here, but I think it would be good, and I haven’t seen anything like this done before.

Like I said, it’s just this itch in the back of my head from time to time.

That’s Enough for Now

There’s my start of the year update in all it’s glory. Time to write a blog post about giant pumpkins.

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