Tidying Up

Tidying up the Website

Blog post #3 for the year

Updated the Website

I was looking at this very site the other day and was thinking what the hell am I doing with this? What is all this stuff that is on here.

So I decided tidy it up, and by that I mean deleting a bunch of stuff.

What is the Purpose of a Website?

It’s purpose can be anything you want it to be, you could use it as a way for people to contact you, a way to sell things, a way to inform people or maybe a combination of all of these.

For me, my current purpose is mainly to have a place to write things that I want, that might be useful to other people. To me this is important as I hardly post on “Social Media” these days, as to me I find it as a circle jerk system where people get addicted to dopamine hits.

I found I was still in the same mentality when I first set up this website, it was look at me, look at these numbers, but maybe all that stuff isn’t that important really. If someone wants to know something, get in touch.

Still things to fix

There is still some things I want to sort out on this site, but they are currently on the back burner while more important things are done first.

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