Some people are Filthy

We live in a pretty amazing country, with some amazing people and amazing scenery.

It blows my mind at just how many people think it’s OK to dump rubbish or throw it from the window on their car.

You only need stop on the side of the road and you have a high chance of seeing a wide range of rubbish strewn about the place, from wrappers, bottles, nappies and anything else you can imagine.

Female hand throwing trash out of car window.

It’s not just the roads

The other day I went on a walk in the bush, I was about 30 minutes into it and there down a bank next to an amazing Rata tree was a McDonald’s Cup. WTF?

Let’s assume it did get there under the power of a human, and not by a bird or other animal. I have a couple of questions?

  • Why do you have a McDonald’s cup with you on a bush walk? It had to be one of the most useless containers to take into that kind of environment.
  • Why did you throw it on the ground? It can easily be squashed up to fit inside a pocket (exactly what I did when I picked up your rubbish)

Why do people do this?

Laziness and thinking it’s normal is my top two guesses, if you are brought up in an environment where adults are throwing stuff out the window of a car, dropping things on the ground you must grow up thinking this is normal. The cycle continues.

I might have a messy car, on any day you can find any number of random things in it, including pieces of rubbish, usually from food. I always need to move things around if I have an unexpected car passenger, I have always had to do this and it is something I want to improve in the future.

But… I don’t care, because you no what, I’m not an asshole who throws stuff out of my car window, apparently I drive around with it until I can be bothered getting rid of it.

Have some Pride

We could be cleaner and greener and make the country better, if only people took a few seconds to think.

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