Love my Kindle

Blog post #6 for the year

New Kindle

Ages ago I used to have a Kobo Mini (I think that is what it was called)and I liked it, it was very small and light weight and I used to use it a lot to read a bunch of different books on it.

The downside was that it had no backlight whatsoever on it, so was pretty useless in the dark.

One day I managed to squish my work bag up against something and managed to damage the screen, just like old LCD screens of the past, this e ink screen did not like having that much pressure on it and it was destroyed.

No Quick Replacement

For a long time I was relegated to actual real physical books or reading on my cell phone, both have their positives and negatives but aren’t quite the same as a dedicated ebook reader.

Buying a new one wasn’t high on my list of things to sort out, until recently.

I bought my daughter one for Christmas and I’m impressed with it.

The latest Kindle is now waterproof (can’t remember for how long, so you’ll need to check up on that) and the screen is completely flat.

It’s a nice unit, and being able to read in the dark is really good. The battery life is great.

I got my own

I liked the one I got for my daughter so much I bought my own and I couldn’t be happier. I’m reading lots more than I normally would.

If you are on th fence about getting a Kindle, I highly recommend it.

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