Corona Time

How I’m Coping with the Pandemic

I’m good

In a nutshell that sums it up. The main things that have affected me is that I can’t see people that I normally would see which sucks, but will hopefully come right.

My work wasn’t affected at all, so I didn’t have to have any down time at home for this.

I will say that supermarkets while never fun before, really aren’t a place I currently like going to at all. But have to, to get food.

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How Things Could Change

Things will remain probably the same for me.

But I wonder how other people could be affected. Of course there is the loss of jobs, financial stress and all of that.

I like to think that some people have started to question what they were doing before. The amount of time sitting in traffic, the company they worked for, the job they did.

I think there will be a lot of change in this area for some people. New jobs, new goals and all of that. It will be interesting.

And no one knows how long this will all go on for, or how long it will take until we can say we have recovered from this financially.

It has led me to start thinking about some more projects, as you can never have too many of those on the go at once.

Other Projects to Work On

Podcast Course

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I’m slowly plodding along (and I really should speed it up) in putting together a simple guide on how to start a podcast for free.

It’s going to be over 6 podcast episodes, and have it all written out on the website, and it will be free. I really think it is super easy to start a podcast and see if you like it, and then you can go from there.

I want to share that with people. That will be here somewhere on this website once it is all put together. I just want to make sure it is done the way I want with the best information I can.

Metal Detecting Website?

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My post about going down the metal detecting rabbit hole seems to be getting a lot of traffic which is awesome. It’s also led to some interesting emails and hopefully something awesome happening in the future.

All of this has led me to believe that I should and probably will create another website around metal detecting. This would be a standalone website, the name of which I haven’t worked out.

But I do know that I’ve learned a bunch of different things over the years, and I feel I can put that together very easily, and it would do quite well.

While the pumpkin stuff does do well, it is almost a super niche website, where I feel a metal detecting one would reach a much much larger audience, as the more you look into the larger you find that whole world.

I’m currently thinking of a name for all of this.

Pumpkin Stuff

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I’ve been busy writing and scheduling blog posts, and I’ve got more ready to go then I have ever done before, and that is down to how I’ve been handling all of my writing and information. I keep meaning to do a blog post on how I do all of this, but it will be so long I sometimes put it off for another day.

But lets just say I’m happy with what I’ve been doing.

And even during this Corona situation I’ve sold some pumpkin seeds which surprised me. But led me to think about needing some sort of digital product to offer people.

I wasn’t sure what that was or what that could be.

But I’ve decided to redo something I already hand out for free, it will take a while, but will be totally worth it.

Is Keeping Busy the Key

Maybe the trick to dealing with this whole Corona thing is to be keeping busy. I know this has been hard for some people that don’t have any other thing apart from work and friends. Something I find strange, but understand.

Now is the time I think to look into things you want to try or learn.

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