Great Conversations


Last week was Fieldays, a massive event with people everywhere all vying for your attention as they try to sell you a product, interspersed with random people walking all over the place, and the occasional splattering of food stalls trying to tempt you over with promises of great tasting food.

In among all of this are the stories. Stories of people starting something, believing in something and creating things they want to share.

These stories can be inspirational, thought provoking, amazing or a combination of all this.

We were lucky to capture some of these in audio, for the Chris and Sam Podcastā€‹

It made me think a lot. It made me question what I am doing sometimes, and more importantly, it made me want to do some new things.

How will this work? How will I do it?

Iā€™m not too sure, but one step at a time springs to mind.

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