Making a Metal Detecting Website

How things going?

Hopefully OK wherever and whenever you are reading this.

Things here are good, sometimes busy, other times not so much, but no matter the case I usually forget to update this for months at a time. That’s some sort of consistency I think.

New Website Time

Why not add another website to the other ones, nothing like having a lot on the go at once.

To be honest though, it is nice to flick between things. Breaking up what you can work on works really well, so if you only have one project or hobby think about something else you can do during your downtime.

Metal Detecting Website

There is a lot of them out there, covering everything you could ever want to know about metal detecting.

I thought I would add my voice to the mix.

Now I’m not a hundred percent sure on what it will contain just right now, remember I don’t even have a detector yet. But I want to put together some posts that will help keep track for me, and they might help someone else out in the future.

I don’t have a time frame of when I will have it all up and running. So I’ll share the details once it is actually live.

I Won Some Competitions

Minelab had their Minelab Olympics competition recently. I won 2 weeks out of the 5, which was really cool. There was a moment there where I didn’t even know what I had actually one. Once I read the terms and conditions I soon found out I was getting a hat and a neck warmer, not a metal detector which would have been cool. Hit me up Minelab if you want to, you know, give a detector to a complete newbie.

So that turned up already. And I think the other week I won is a hat, a neck warmer, a pen and a sticker I think?  Pretty cool to win stuff.

I’m Still Torn About Detectors

I’ll probably write about this more on the new website when it is out there, but for me a detector in the price range of $500 – 700 is the sweet spot. And these are entry level detectors by big brands, with great features.

Sure there are a lot of other cheaper detectors out there, some for around $100. But I feel the technology isn’t there, the quality isn’t there and there would not really be any resale value there if I needed to sell it.

I’m old enough now to know you get what you pay for. So paying for a quality machine that will last and works well.

I’ll keep saving up, and when the time is right, the time will be right.

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