October is Here

October is here, which means it’s pumpkin growing time, sometimes it feels like there is never a break from the pumpkin stuff and in some ways, I guess there isn’t, but it will be good to get the seedlings into the ground.

Where are the TEDx Videos?

A few people have asked where the TEDx videos are, and well they haven’t come out yet, I guess I’m in a weird position of sort of knowing why that hasn’t happened, but I’m sure they will be out soon.  That will be something they will need to work on for next year and get the turnaround time on these way faster.


I did the vlogging thing last year for around a month, you can see the videos here, and read more about that here and here.

And while I liked the idea of it, doing it about totally random stuff, to the endless vacuum that is YouTube sometimes didn’t make too much sense to me, I have decided to do more work on the Giant Pumpkins NZ YouTube channel, and to keep content appearing on there, I have started to do some vlogging through the pumpkin season, which so far seems to be going OK.

There is a decent audience via the Facebook page, and I should be able to pick up some people via the BigPumpkins.com site, where all the growers in the world hangout, and due to the seasons being back to front, they have a quiet period.

I’ve also been a lot more ruthless in the editing of this vlog than the last, what starts off as around 5mins of cutting down footage soon becomes 2 or 3 mins, and what I thought would end up in it gets cut out in the name of keeping it interesting for people to watch.

And through this season if I get more views and people are used to this kind of content, that is when I will start focusing on the pumpkin podcast, something I think a lot of people will jump on board and want to be part of.

2014 was Crazy

I’ve been going through old YouTube videos, removing super crappy ones, and sorting out what I want to remake, the same can be said for the How-Section on the pumpkin website as well, and the thing I have noticed is that 2014 was the year I was creating stuff, it wasn’t good stuff, but man I was doing so much.  It almost makes me wonder what I have been doing lately.

I’m guessing I wasn’t too busy with other projects and stuff back then?  Or maybe I had more drive then?  I’m not sure, but I am sorting things out more.

Getting less distracted at home and working through the list of stuff I need to do is key to getting more stuff done.

Other Things

I need to get back into more exercise, these winter months have been total shit, that sums it up.

I still have the Giant Veges website to get up and running, the thing that stuffed me up for a while was for some reason you can’t have a Divi theme contact box have the ability to upload a file, which I think is crazy, but they did have the ability to have one form which had conditional logic, which ment I could have one form for all the vegetable types showing certain info depending on what the user entered.

So I’ll have a think about how I want to do all of that and get the site up

I said no to helping out with the current short film that was shot recently in the circle of filmmakers I know, it was even paying some money this time around, but it was the right call, also it was interesting to note a couple of other people weren’t available for it as well.

I’m also the president now of the pumpkin carnival, which is great buy I don’t have a vice president which probably means a few things, hopefully, everything goes smoothly this year.

That’s what’s been happening around these parts.

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