Covid Sucked

So I got covid at the start of the month.

It was inevitable with 50% of the family having something to do with schools. It seems to have torn through them quite rapidly.

While I’m OK now, it was a bit weird not knowing exactly what was happening or could happen.

In the end the symptoms I had were:

  • Super exhausted after short periods of activity
  • A slight tightness in my chest and with breathing
  • A dry persistent cough

That was it I think. But the symptoms would come randomly. And everyone was different with what they were dealing with and when.

Had to Slow Down

It put a dampener on the good momentum I had with working on stuff. But none of that matters when you have to look after your health. And look after your family.

So the blog post I wanted to write went out the window. Working on the new project went on the back burner. But a lot of ideas And planning with GPNZ stuff. While other things might get pushed back I can always work on GPNZ stuff no matter what.

Time to Grind in April

The plan for April is to work on a lot of planning and creation around Giant Pumpkins NZ. I’ve been working on this a lot over the last month or so.

I also need to get back into walking. Lose the kg I put on with the Covid comfort food situation.

That’s all for now. Hope things are good with you. Expect more updates in the future that can help you out.

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