Dietbet is Over

If you had listened to any of the Chris and Sam Podcast episodes in the past then you would have heard us talk about a thing called DietBet.


I’d sort of heard about it before in the past but had never known anyone that done it.  We got asked to participate in it with a bunch of other podcasters which were all based in the US I think.

We were doing the standard DietBet competition which the goal is to lose 4% of your body weight over 4 weeks.

Everyone puts in some money ($30 US dollars for our one) and whoever reaches the goal at the end is a winner and gets a share of what money is in the pool.

There are other ones you can take part in that go for longer and require more body weight to be lost.

We did it

We can now say we made it, it was a bit touch and go at the end, especially for Chris who ended up running around with a rubbish bag on, to sweat out any weight he could, and it worked.

I lost 5.5 kg’s of weight within 4 weeks, this was mainly down to doing the slow carb diet which is laid out in the 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss and can be found on the internet with a Google search.

I’ll write more about that diet in another post.

How much did we get back?

We are just waiting for everything to be finalised and currently it looks like we will get around $90 dollars back, which I’m quite happy about.

How successful was Dietbet?

If you are a very competitive person or hate losing money then there is no doubt that Dietbet will work for you.

You can even set up your own Dietbet and have your friends or work colleagues involved with it.

I think there is room for a NZ based version of this sort of thing, maybe there already is.  But either way a lot of people were very intrigued by the whole concept, and it sure does make losing weight more fun.

So check it out and see what it is all about.

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