Current Focus is…

I seem to jump between projects with a massive amount of focus each time.

I guess it’s better being this way then little tiny bits of focus spread thinly across everything?

I’m not too sure. I know it doesn’t help when it comes to time sensitive things.

My Current Focus is the Podcast

We’ve been doing the podcast for over 8 years now. I swear it’s only been 5.

It’s now this weekly task. Where we record it. Then I edit it. Sometimes I do it ahead of time and schedule everything. Other times I am sorting it out an hour before it gets published.

Only a couple of times in the whole 8 years have we actually banked some episodes.

It feels better to do it in the week leading up to the episode coming out.

What I’m Currently Doing with the Podcast

  1. Since we changed podcast hosting (we went from Libsyn to Acast) I’m updating all the show notes pages with the embedded player of the episode.
  2. We never had the episodes up on YouTube. So I’m currently creating videos out of the audio files and uploading them. Our YouTube Channel is Here.
  3. I have 2 ideas for 2 extra pages on the website. One will have all our interviews from events. The other will have a gear we use type page and how and why we use it.

Lots of Advice out There

I’ve been reading the podcasting subreddit over on Reddit. Lots of interesting information and questions there.

That’s where I read and decided on sorting out the YouTube videos once and for all. It’s the 2nd largest search engine in the world and for some podcasts it’s the only place they get listens from.

It makes sense. And I’ve already seen some results after just 3 days of starting to upload. As I write this I’ve uploaded 30 episodes. Only another 400 or so to go.

Overthinking Things
One thing I will say. If you are thinking of making a podcast. Make a podcast.

The barrier of entry is so low. You could probably do it right now. Seriously. Also you can do it for free.

Reading things online and what people say, you might think you need to buy all the equipment first.

I think this is the wrong way to think about it for a lot of people. If the thing that is stopping you from starting is your lack of “pro” equipment, then you might not ever start.

The same can happen with filmmaking, photography etc.

There are skills and things you can learn and practice with whatever you have now.

There is always nicer equipment. Some of it can really help you. Once you get going.

Anyways, I just think if you want to do the thing you want to do. You will do it with what you have. Or with cheaper gear to get started. Otherwise you may be wasting time and money, before you even create anything.

You can always delete old episodes if you want to.

But the real question is, will you make it past 5 episdoes?

Want to Start a Podcast?
If you found this. Are keen to start a podcast and want to hear my perspective around it, then get in touch.

I haven’t created the gear / how we did page yet. But more than happy to chat podcasting and what our journey was.

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