Was Going to Build in Public But….

Having a Break

I decided to have a break from social media this month.

And by a break I mean getting off the treadmill of feeling the need to be posting all the time.

Keeping people interested and getting a dopamine hit every time someone likes a post.

Some days it’s good. Other days it’s a pain in the ass.

I wouldn’t care much if all social media just went away. I’ve built things not relying on them. But I do get how it can be helpful.

Anyways. I’m having a break from posting. And hopefully not consuming as much as well.

People Checked In

I wrote  an end of season blog post over on GPNZ recently.

One of the things I covered was my uncertainty on what to do with my involvement with the pumpkin carnival. I won’t rehash it here, but I have a lot of working out to do in regards to that.

But it was great to hear from a couple of people checking in with me.

I am all good. Just wanted to state that.

In fact I’ve been busy as working on GPNZ stuff for next season.

Good Start to the Month

I’ve had a good start to this month.

To help with everything I need / want to do I use a mixture of the GTD (Get Things Done) method and a new way of doing To-Do lists I learned recently from Neville Medhora.

Here’s his video explaining it:

I’ll cover this in more depth in a future post. But let me say it works really well.

Build in Public?

And I decided to stop this plan of building in public I had.

I already have a draft post all about it ready to go.

The idea was to talk about what I was doing as I built this new idea I had.

  • the idea is good
  • people will like it
  • there are plenty of options with it
  • Could probably make a lot of content around it


I’m only 50 – 60% enthusiastic about it.

There is only one thing that’s close to 100%

That’s Giant Pumpkins NZ

I can’t exactly say why that is. But I can happily work on that and anything to do with that website for hours at anytime of the day.

All the other projects I have to be in the right frame of mind. Or want to do it. Sometimes I don’t.

Even if other things have wider appeal,  or more opportunities to make money. I’m not as enthusiastic about them.

I do like having options though

I keep these other things around as:

  • It can give me a break while still being productive
  • It can give me options in the future if I need them
  • A lot of the skills I learn cross over into the other projects

Anyways. That’s how I like doing things currently.

It’s better for me to focus on doing things. Sharing them after the hard work’s been done. Instead of making things and documenting at the same time.

Let me know your thoughts about building in public, or having multiple projects on the go at once.


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