What Color is Your Parachute – Update

I wrote in this post that I had started working my way through the book, What Color is Your Parachute.

This is the update post on how it’s all going.

I Got Physical

For me I like having the physical copies of books I really want to read and study.

I might even get the physical version of a book after reading the digital version.

While I was at it, I also picked up the workbook that you can get. It means you aren’t writing all over the book, and you have this other workbook that keeps everything together.

What I’ve Got Up To

I’m over half way through the book. In fact I read all of it, but haven’t done all of the activities.

It’s been good, but also damn hard sometimes.

You write down things and I begin to think is this what I am actually interested in. Is this my actual skills.

There are large moments of reflections on what you have done.

The Hard Stuff

I’m finding it hard to see what I could use my skills or interests towards.

I also find the section on my goal, purpose or mission in life to be extremely hard. They do mention in the book that this could be the case and it will come to you later on.

In fact the whole book I feel is realistic with things.

Trust the Process

I like the book and the what it makes you think about.

I need to remember a couple of things. One is to trust this process in the book, the other is to make sure I do everything I am supposed to be doing. Not to half arse it and put in the work so I can see the results.

The results being having a job or career that I want to be doing and makes me energised. Something I am slowly missing out of currently it seems.

Is Something Missing?

I sometimes feel like something is missing. Not in the book, but maybe in the way my mind works.

I can see myself doing a variety of different jobs.

Would I want to do them and would they give me satisfaction, I’m not sure.

It’s always hard to know if a lot of people feel the same way, or if you are an outsider in this type of things.

I look at people and the job they are doing and sometimes wonder why. People no doubt think that about what I do as well.

Sometimes I think working for yourself is the answer.

Then I snap back to reality and realise that isn’t the best option for me.

Need to Finish

One thing I do struggle with is finishing things. Not sure why that is, but it happens enough that it’s a sort of pattern.

I’ll work my way through the rest of the book and hopefully have a place I can start looking at different opportunities .

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