New Year, New Stuff – Post #1

Welcome to 2016, hopefully you have some really cool plans for it.  If not, maybe you should sit down and have a think about what you want to achieve this year.  It could be anything, from small to big or anything in between.

I’m not going to have any “New Years Resolutions” as such, but I do have a plan for what I want to be doing this year, a continuing growth is a way of putting it I guess.

What I have planned

Well nothing is rock solid and I haven’t written or planned any of this out at all, so here goes off the top of my head.

  • I am going to be building the website for pumpkin racing, something new we are doing for the pumpkin carnival and something that I feel can have its own site with rules around the pumpkin racing.  I still need to get hold of the materials to build the ramp for this, if the donated stuff falls through I am going to have purchase what I need myself.
  • I am going to set up the website thelaughofchris.com the website for my flatmates laugh, trust me it will be awesome, but to be honest this is probably the project at the end of the list of projects to complete.
  • Another website is giantveges.nz, it turned out this year that there wasn’t a place to record the records for giant vegetables grown here, at some point there apparently was someone here that collected this info and then passed it on to the guy in Australia to store and document.  I think it can be done better and here in NZ.  It won’t be anything too time intensive unless things get super crazy with giant vegetables here, but it will be a place where people can submit their own measurements as a starting point.
  • I am continhing my work with the Op Shop Directory and grow it, I also want to get more Op Shops on board with having photos with their details so they can get better exposure, more customers and the money will help me fund all my projects over the year.
  • I have another idea that is loosly based around the Op Shop Directory, and while it is different it sort of uses the same tools and mechanisms that website uses.  Other people have tried and failed at this idea, but I think I can pull it off.
  • I am going to get to the gym more, and have a better schedule throughout the year.  I might even get a personal trainer if I can fit that into my budget.
  • Talking about the budget I will continue on to monitor it, track it and look at spending habits over the last 12 months to hel shape the next 12 months and to pay off debt faster etc.

So there we go, lots of stuff planned for 2016 as well as I’m sure more film stuff, family stuff and travels around the place, and of course pumpkin related events and awesomeness.

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