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October Means Pumpkins and Other Things

October seems to have snuck up upon us.

I’m still reading the What Colour is Your Parachute book. It’s good. In fact I wanted the physical copy of it.

Just so happens I got some Amazon credit for reviewing some software so I got that and the workbook you can get for it as well all for free.

Still a lot more to read and work out when it comes to the work front. But overall I am liking the ideas in it.

It’s Pumpkin Time

This won’t mean too much to many people, but it’s a good part of the year.

On one hand all the Northern Hemisphere growers are getting their pumpkins weighed. Looks like there will be come records smashed very soon.

And for us here in NZ it means it is the start of the pumpkin growing season.

  • I’m organised with the growing aspect of things so far this year for myself.
  • I’m partly organised with content etc, I’m happy with what I’ve done so far
  • I still have a lot of things to sort out

Talking about pumpkins I updated the GPNZ website. There were some things that were doing my head in and not working the best.

It now seems much faster and has a cleaner look. I’m still fixing up some broken links. I really do need to go through and delete out some old content that doesn’t help anyone.

I’ve also worked out the best way to make content this season for me. Most of it seems to be working well. I’m still working out the best way to make video content.

Other Idea has Cropped Up

After recording our latest podcast for The Chris and Sam Podcast, Chris and I had a discussion around how we currently do things, more specifically when we go to Fieldays.

We now have a very loose plan on what we want to do in regards to that part of the podcasting. I like the sound of it.

One one hand not much changes at all. On the other it could lead into other things. Win win.

Sorted my Toe Out

I ended up with an ingrown toenail. I should have sorted it out a lot sooner. But I didn’t and just put up with it. It only really hurt 50% of the time.

Anyways, I went to a place, they checked it out. I liked the guy who was sorting it out. I wasn’t thrilled with the cost of partial toenail removal surgery. But ACC came to the part for small part of it which helped.

There wasn’t much to it really.

I was just paying for someone that knew what they were doing. The process itself was pretty simple.

The main thing is that my toe is much better now. Got another 7 days of keeping it covered up and waiting for it to heal. Then I really really need to get moving again. Oh and also get my elbow looked at which is causing me some grief as well.

I must be getting older.

That’s it for Now

Lots of things to work on at all times. All while trying to fight resistance.

Oh and I also started using a new To-Do type app. So far so good. If I am still using it in 3 months time, I’ll write about it.

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