Knowing Your Limitations

At some point I guess you realise just what your limitations are.

Or maybe it’s best to say the things you aren’t that good at. Maybe some people know this straight away.

More importantly I think it is best when you can acknowledge this things and verbalise it or use it to adjust your decision making process.

It Is Good To Push Yourself

If you never push yourself, you never know what your are capable of. You might not learn new things.

I guess this is the balancing act of staying within your limitations and straying outside of them.

I’m writing this because I publicly stated my limitation the other day.

It didn’t help the situation. But it helped me.

My Limitation is…

I’m not a good leader.

I’m OK to admit that.

Why do I put myself into these type of roles then? Well I don’t usually.

I’m just the best option out of what is available. It makes sense on paper, but not in reality.

What I Know Now

Having been put into leadership roles at different jobs and in different periods of my life this is what I’ve learned.

I am an amazing number 2 kind of person.

I find it hard to drive and motivate other people. I can tell them what to do. But there is more to leadership than that.

I’m more than happy to work on my own stuff. Report back to someone and let them make the big decisions.

I like to think I work OK in a team. Just not as the leader of that team.

How Can I Improve?

Firstly by not taking roles like that. Even if I have the best intentions and want to improve, and do the best I can. It’s just not there. It’s not part of my DNA.

I’m OK with that.

I need to mention this when things like this come up.

What Happened Recently

I had enough of the Pumpkin Carnival stuff. And well, pumpkins in general. I think I really just needed a break from it.

I wrote about it on the GPNZ website.

As I wasn’t able to commit to doing all the things I needed to do, and no one else able to do some of those things, the committee decided to cancel this years event.

We’ll have a decision to make around AGM time.

If I was a better leader. I would have been able to bring more people in. Get more people contributing and maybe offload some of my work.

It’s easier said than done when working with volunteers. But I should have made more of an effort.

Feeling OK

I’m feeling less stressed. It’s sometimes not apparent until you are less stressed just how much you were.

I’m busy working on the Audio Scrapbook website. Everyday there is a reminder to myself why I need to keep working on that.

I’m also doing some paid work and building out a website for someone.

So still busy. Just in different areas currently.

What’s Your Limitation?

If there was something that limits you and you know it and want to share it, please leave a comment below.

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