Divi Page Loader Won’t Load

I couldn’t get the Divi page builder to load properly on one of my sites.

The site itself seemed fine. I just couldn’t get in and edit a post or a page. It just sat there trying to load. It was a pain in my ass.

The crazy thing was, it was only doing this on one of my websites, not the others that also had Divi installed.

Time to Troubleshoot

I worked out pretty quickly that if I went into the Divi support centre section and turned safe mode on, it would work.

Safe mode temporarily disables your plugins on your site.

I also checked it out using the troubleshooting mode which is part of the site health settings in WordPress. Same story.

OK, But Which Plugin?

I had the hardest time working out what plugin was causing the issue.

In fact it seemed like none of them were actually causing the problem. I went through each one, turning on, checking, things were still broken.

Comparing Plugins

I made a list of apps that were on two websites. I crossed out any that were on both and focused on ones that were only on the affected website.

Developer Tools

I installed a bunch of developer tools, looked at the browser console as well. Nothing made any sense to me, and nothing from extensive Googling helped solve my problem of the Divi page builder not loading.

Finally Figured it Out

I was looking at the themes finally, and I was using a child theme of the main Divi one. I created it using Child Theme Configurator plugin.

The child theme was the issue.

Once I changed it back to the original theme. Everything worked.

It took me a while to work this out. I’m glad I did.

If you’ve found this post, and this helps you out, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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