A change of name around these parts

If you’re new around here you won’t see any of the old name (hopefully) but if you’ve been here before you’ll notice the name change.

The History

I’ve had a website or blog in one form or another for a long time, some lasted better than others and this one was sitting around doing nothing for a long time, there were some ranty type posts on here and it was all set up under the domain blogofsam.com.

I liked the sound of the domain and it worked for what it was, a blog and nothing much else.

Over time I’ve been wondering about the name and how it fits into the things I am doing.  All of it seemed to change once I started this vlogging thing.

The Vlog

So I decided to vlog every day for the month of July and you can read about that right here.  I just called it the WebSam vlog, no real thought put into it apart from that is my Twitter handle and everyone knows me as that, and the more I have been vlogging, talking to people and talking to myself it became apparent that I really needed a domain that tied everything together and really was a home base for all the things I am working on and doing.

So I changed the name

While it may sound like it is hard, changing the domain while still keeping all the content is pretty easy, there are a bunch of steps you need to do, a quick google search will give you a great run down on how to do that.

But one tool that I will mention that is super helpful, and it can be used for a whole bunch of other reason is a wordpress plugin called Better Search Replace, which searched everything for a specific term and replaces it with another.  So for me I replaced all blogofsam.com mentions with websam.nz, so no broken links and everything works.  I think the whole process of changing everything from one domain to another was about 10mins.

Moving Forward

Just trying to keep everything consistent and the same is the name of the game at the moment, keeping this updated with regular content is also on the plan.  I’ll be getting some new business cards made up, which as well as a logo change I will be changing some stuff on the back of it, and dropping one of the project images, all will be explained in due course.

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