Inspire-Writer Markdown Editor Review

Are you a new writer or a seasoned pro?

What tools do you use for the job? Microsoft word? Google Docs?

Well, there are a lot of pros and cons to either of those tools. But what happens when you want to write for WordPress, Medium or Ghost?

I’ll tell you what. A lot of copy and pasting and getting frustrated is the answer.

In this post I’m going to talk about Inspire-Writer. A tool that is nice to use and will help you if you write on any of those platforms.

Why Not Just Write on the Platform Itself?

Of course you can do that. But sometimes you just don’t want to. And in fact, it might be better if you don’t.

  • You could get distracted
  • You may not have internet and need to write offline
  • You might want to write with Markdown

I’m Big on Finding What Works for You

Everyone is different, and people work in different ways.
I find it strange when people just stick with the way they do things.

It’s better to experiment with tools and ways of working. That way you can find out what works for you and what doesn’t.

For me. I like writing in something else. I find it less distracting. It’s like telling my brain that I am in a workspace.
It’s time to write.

Back In the Day

I write and publish using WordPress. I’ve never looked into anything else. It’s what I know.

But back in the day, there was Blogger and other services that were similar.

To easily publish to all of these sites, there were a bunch of tools available.

Like what?
Well, I remember using Windows Live Writer a lot. It worked well and I liked it.

I tried a whole bunch of other tools that were similar.

But at some point they seemed to have fallen out of favor. I’m not sure why.

I Needed a Solution

I thought I had found one. It was a SAAS product I got a a lifetime deal.

I’m not going to name it. Because I’m still on the fence about how useful it is. It can publish to a lot of different places though.

From WordPress to even Only Fans. Which surprised me.

But I find it clunky. And the UI isn’t the best.

It does have some nice features. But I wanted to see what else was out there.

The Search

There seem to be a few tools out there for people with Macs. Which is cool.

But not so many tools out there for us average schlubs that only have a windows machine.

Are we not worthy to write unless we have a Mac? I’m not sure.

All the old programs are still there. And by that I mean they have a website and don’t seem to have been updated since 2008.

They might still work fine. But they look dated and old. And who knows how secure they may be.

Hello Inspire-Writer Markdown Editor

I came across Inspire-Writer after I found it mentioned on this website here. Thanks for sharing.

Here’s some features of Inspire-Writer:

  • You can post to WordPress, Ghost or Medium
  • Able to export in many formats
  • You can write in Markdown
  • It has spellcheck
  • You can write notes about your writing
  • It has a dark mode
  • It has a typewriter mode
  • Word count and stats
  • Sync your writing between machines

These things are just off the top of my head.

Oh and did I mention they have a free trial. Yup for 10 days you can check this tool out.

In fact that is what I am doing right now. This whole post has been written with Inspire-Writer. And the draft published to this very site.

Inspire-Writer Markdown Editor Dark Mode

I always post things as a draft. Then I check the formatting and anything else before actually hitting publish. Just a habit.


If you are after a clean writing experience on a Windows machine.

Want a tool that can publish to WordPress, Ghost or Medium.

Allows you to write in Markdown.

Inspire-Writer Markdown Options

Has plenty of features and won’t cost the earth. (One off payment for life)

Then you really should check out Inspire-Writer.

I think it’s a great writing tool and something that I’ll use moving forward across my websites and other writing needs.

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