2023 is Here

It’s almost 2023 as I type this. I’m filling in time just after Christmas.

In fact I am writing this on my phone with it propped up against a glass of coke while I type on a small wireless keyboard I purchased about 3 hours ago.

It’s not the best setup. But it’s better than trying to write this into my phone tapping on the screen.

Having a break from work and home has been great. It’s also been a bit boring at times.

I like to travel light.

I did contemplate getting a Chromebook. Which I like as a small compact method of doing things in a browser.

But I didn’t want to spend the money. So went with this setup I am using now.

Back to 2023

What will this year bring?

I’m not sure.

While you can plan for things and have goals. I think it’s better to do things, be productive and waste less time.

I’m not going to do a rehash of everything I did this year for different projects. I know I did things, and there were things I should have done.

I just want to move forward and work towards making things. I’ll do updates as the year progresses. For now I’m just looking forward to getting back home from this holiday.

Daily Planning Things

I think the thing I will look at and this works across everything I could do is making sure I k know what I am doing that day.

Planning it the night before leads to the highest rate of success I’ve learned.

I’ve tried various method to do this planning. They work in the beginning then I fall off the wagon.

From bullet journal setups, to calendars, both digital and physical, various Todo apps etc. I’ve found writing them down just on a piece of paper works well for me.

I’ve never needed to refer back to old notes, collecting journals didn’t offer me any benefit.

To have the benefit of a notepad without throwing away paper all the time I’ve got a cheap AliExpress boogie board type drawing tablet.

The kind you write on and it stays there until you press the button to clear the screen.

I’ll do an update post on how this works for me.

What about you

If you’re reading this at sometime in the future, how’s things going for you?

Let me know by leaving a comment below

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