Helping out at a Film Festival

I’m feeling pretty crap on the productivity front lately to be honest. But I am feeling better about the potential ideas around future job / careers.

This post covers a little bit of that and how the film festival went.

Misty Flicks

Misty Flicks has been around for about 5 years now I think. My friend Paige is one of the people that came up with it.

I met her as an extra on a short film many years ago. Since then I’ve been doing whatever it is I do. While she has been learning film stuff, making connections and managing film theatres.

In the past Misty Flicks put on a film showcase and has run labs. I’ve even been to one of the film showcases but somehow forgot I had.

This year was the first year they had the Misty Flicks Film Festival. A full program made up different sort films, some features, Q&A’s with the filmmakers, panel discussions.


I probably got roped in or inspired to help via Chris.

I don’t really know when I said I could help out. I just sort of have been. Here’s a couple of things that made it a no brainer.

  • There is a decent amount of volunteers keen to help
  • I’ve helped / worked on projects with a bunch of them before
  • They are all very capable
  • Technology doesn’t scare them

My Role

In the lead up to the event I had access to the ticketing system to help with anything to do with that.

On the day I had to figure out how to do ticket scanning on the phone and set up other volunteers phones. There was something a bit screwy around permissions. Some people it worked fine. Others I had to manually add events to their phones.

I helped scan people in. Set up a couple of physical things for the event. Talked to some people and helped them out. Helped solve some problems etc.

Still Working out Potential Things to Do

In previous blog posts here and here I talked about the “What Color is Your Parachute Book” in fact I’ve told a bunch of people about it in person as well.

When I ask people what they could see me doing, a lot of the time people aren’t too sure but could see me managing or working with people.

I’m not so sure about that.

In previous team leader roles I was OK, but not great. I sometimes wonder if it was a different work type environment if that would help.

Some Things I’ve realised

  • I think some sort of project based work could be good
  • I hate retail
  • I’m OK talking to anyone

Is the Answer Something Event Based?

This is something I need to explore more.

I’m wondering if a company or location that has something to do with different events would work for me.

Here’s my thinking:

  • It would be project based on that current event
  • I get to talk and interact with different people while helping them out
  • I like helping people out when I can
  • It’s not the exact same thing over and over

Thinking about my Past

All of this got me thinking about things I’ve done in the past.

Starting all the way back in high school.

School Productions

For one of them I was in it performing. Well performing is a loose term I think. But I was on stage for a lot of it.

After that I moved into doing backstage stuff. Organising sets, moving things and people when needed.

A set project with multiple people working towards a goal. Behind the scenes of the finished product.

One of the PE teachers at school was in charge of this back stage stuff. They gave her a big thanks on the final night.

She said to me afterwards that she was going to get me up on stage to accept the thanks, but wasn’t too sure if that was allowed as it was only the adults that was getting the thanks.

Volunteering Firefighting

My Dad randomly said one day, “should we join the volunteer fire fighting crew” so we did.

I was around 18 at the time. Did it for a couple of years. Got some stories out of it.

Lots of variety. Like putting out a fire in a shed by myself because some guy went to check how much petrol was left in a fuel talk on a motorbike with a lighter.

Working as a team to finish a goal. Interacting with people and on different “projects”

Stores and Warehousing

I did this for a long time.

  • Retail facing roles sucks.
  • Night shift role is better but not by much. Only in the fact you don’t deal with customers in a retail setting. But that working nights, sleeping days becomes brutal.

Within a large company. This was OK. Now that I think about it we were sorting gear for different projects.

I guess the downside to that job was it was almost always dealing with the same people. Not much variety there.

Other Random Job

I can’t say much about this.

But thinking about it, it doesn’t really fit like the others.

  • I don’t interact with too many people
  • I do the same thing all the time, no variety apart from location
  • I can work on my own stuff, but what I’ve found without a hard deadline of when things must be done, I can keep putting things of over and over with no consequence.

Film Work

I’ve helped out on different shoots. I’m usually behind the scenes. If I was to pick one thing I’ve done more than others it would be Grip.

Working on a project, interacting with other people.

Even if it is long hours, for free I don’t mind doing it.

Back to Misty Flicks

On the main day there were panel discussions with awesome industry people sharing their knowledge.

From what I heard these sessions were awesome.

I didn’t go to them.

I stayed at the theatre location and helped out there.

I don’t class myself as a filmmaker. Other people will tell me the awesome stuff, and they were filmed so I can watch it later.

But helping on a project. Working behind the scenes and interacting with people I find quite easy to do. I’m OK with that.

So all of this I think, helped shape my thinking about future jobs / careers.

I’m not sure where all of this will lead to, but I feel like I have made progress since I started reading the book.

Misty Flicks Film Festival Recap

The event was really good and well received by everyone that attended.

I think we learned a lot and have things we can improve upon for next year. In fact we are having a debrief and catch up dinner next week.

Myself with Tiki Taane after his movie screening and Q&A.

So yeah. I had a good time. Met new people, learned some stuff and saw great things people had created.

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