Be Consistent

Consistency is Key

I’m not sure if I have written about this before or not. But consistency really is key.

It’s my word of the year. I want to consistently put the work in.

It doesn’t matter if it is work, health, relationships. Projects or anything else. Being consistent has so many benefits.

This popped into my mind after I was talking to someone I know.

They aren’t consistent at all.

They are really good at this one skillset. And I believe they could make good money. Only if they were consistent.

Instead they are chasing all these quick wins that amount to nothing.

Because there is always another thing to focus on. The other things drop by the wayside as there are no results.

Be consistent can pay off a lot.

And you don’t need to be consistent in a large way. Little steps lead to bigger things.

Anyways he’s the poorest he has ever been. Not sure how that story will evolve.

I just know I can’t dwell on it too much. I need to stick to what I am doing. Be consistent and see the work pay off.

I already am. And it’s motivating me to do more.

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