Applying for jobs is…

Exciting, interesting and stressful all rolled into one.

As with most things I wish I knew what I know now when I was looking for work in the past.

But here we are in the present.

What Makes this Time Better

  1. I’ve read most of the “What Colour is Your Parachute” book
  2. I currently have a job that is OK, and I have no immediate need to find a job as fast as possible

These two things have helped reduce the stress or perceived stress I may have had in other situations and I’ve also gained confidence I guess in my abilities. Or at least in expressing them to others when needed.

It Pays to Look Around

You just never know what is out there.

I sometimes forget that almost every job someone does was probably advertised at some point and someone applied and got it.

The reasons they are at that job could be one of many.

I sometimes see someone working, or interact with them during a transaction and I wonder why they are doing that job? Are they happy? What would be the best job for them to be doing.

People need money to pay for things and survive in the world. I get that part of it.

But being fulfilled in what you do should be something more people strive to achieve.

Man Looking in Binoculars during Sunset

So have a look around with eyes wide open, see if you can imagine yourself doing a job. See what is is being advertised.

I can see myself doing many different roles. Would I be happy in them? Maybe? I’m not sure.

Job Application 1 and 2

In my last blog post talking about 2023 and what 2024 may have in store I mentioned a job that I was keen on applying for.

Well I did that today. In fact I applied for 2.

To me they seem like the same job but with two different job titles and posted individually.

Are they super different? Or is it just to reach different audiences. I’m not sure. I like to think it means there is more of a chance for me to move to the next stage.

New Ways of Applying

It’s been a while since I have applied for anything. Over 10 years now.

So it was a novel experience applying for the first role with the help of a chatbot. I gave it some answers, it send me to a page to agree to some checks and ask if I’ve had a criminal past, you know the usual.

Pink Background With Speech Bubble

The one thing that did seem strange and I don’t think I missed it, but they didn’t want a cover letter.

When I applied for the 2nd position I went through the web portal this time. Near the end I was given the opportunity to add a cover letter. So I did.

It also said somewhere they might look at LinkedIn profiles as well. Not sure how relevant it is for this role. But my current work position isn’t listed on there, for good reason.

Will have to see if they check it out. Luckily I revamped it recently and I’m happy with how it’s looking

How Do I Rate My Chances?

I have no idea.

I’ve learned over time just to role with whatever happens.

I might get a call, an email, a request for a video, an in person interview etc.

Question Mark on Chalk Board

Whatever the case may be. It’s best just to role with it. I feel comfortable in the role, even though I haven’t had this exact job title before. I’m comfortable with the tech side of things. I’m also comfortable talking about previous experiences and how they relate to this role.

I’m keen to learn new skills and I like that it’s with a big company that from the outside looking in looks like they look after their staff well and provide opportunities for growth and future learning.

My Next Stage

I’m going to wait to see how these applications go.

I will then go back and review the What Colour is Your Parachute book and reach out to some people to ask what their job involves to help shape up my thinking some more.

I’ll write a new post when something happens.

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