I’m Back on Twitter

Well I never really left.

Brief History

I signed up for my original account back in 2009. Twitter was new and different yet also being familiar. I think the small character count helped with that. It was like text messaging but out into the world.

Fast forward. I create NZ Secret Santa after having a random thought.

Amazing people, amazing stories and lots of joy spread. I ran that for 3 years before handing it off to NZ Post.

At some point the allure of Twitter went away. It felt like there was a change. I’m not sure what exactly.

So I didn’t use it.

One day I thought about the tweets just sitting there and decided to delete them all.

So I have this account that is mainly followed by people who took part in this thing many years ago, that I never feel the need to update.

My Other Twitter Account

I’ve had an account for Giant Pumpkins NZ since 2009 as well. It mainly just shares posts from other social media. And I follow some giant pumpkin growers on there.

Overtime, I’ve followed other accounts unrelated to pumpkins.

What I Think About Twitter Now

I’ve heard people talking about it a lot on podcasts recently. It sounds like how it used to be years ago. These are my thoughts on Twitter.

  • It’s different to other social media networks
  • It’s up to you to curate your experience
  • You can change what or who you see
  • It’s great to connect with people on any topic
  • Like everything you may need to use it in moderation

Why a New Account?

I want to keep the GPNZ account focused on the pumpkin stuff. I hope to use it more for that in the future.

My old account I feel weird if I just started posting on there again. I thought about removing all the followers and see how that went. But decided to leave that dormant and start this new one.

It’s easier to start following the people you want with a new account. And it’s nice to start fresh.

Just how much I use it is yet to be seen. But if you’re reading this and want to check it out. Head to @sam_e_w on Twitter.

Bio and Photo

I didn’t want to put too much thought into the bio and photos I used. I’ve got other things I have to focus on right now. Plus I can always change them later.

For the bio I put: Believes people should follow their random ideas.

I think if more people tried new things, or followed their random ideas, they would learn something and be happier. This is the gist of the ebook I’m writing.

For the photos, the header image is a random photo of a crate at a park I took on a walk the other day. I just like how it looks, and the randomness of it.

For my bio photo I almost put my pumpkin vest photo. But decided against it. I found a recent photo of me sitting in a pool ring looking happy. So went with that.

In Conclusion

I like the idea of Twitter. I understand how you can make great connections through it.

I like the ability to just put small thoughts out into the world as well. Like a micro blog. But I also know how consuming it can be if you let it. So I’ll see how it goes over time.

Let me know if you are getting back into Twitter, left it completely or never want to use it.

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