What to Do When You Feel Blah

I have a bunch of posts half written, this is not one of them.

This is a post I am just writing, no planning, or editing, just writing.  The aim of this post is to get me back on track with things.

It’s Been Busy

And it’s a different kind of busy.

We had a large move happen, different living situation, getting used to that.  Being given 90 days notice to get out of the place we are in, sorting out the new place, budgeting all of this with life, work, other things.

I’ve dropped the ball on planning things, not the large things.  In fact I feel I have done great planning for those.  It’s the little day to day things that work towards a bigger goal.

Time to get back on track.

Focus on One Thing at a Time

Even though things seem quite scattered at the moment, they aren’t really.

I thought back to when I was productive and feeling on top of everything.  And that all came down to being able to focus on one thing at a time.

The pomodoro method is great for this.  Blocks of 25 minutes of work, then a break.  You can switch the type of work each block if you have to.  But being focused on the one thing is key.

So far writing this post has taken 2 days, writing the second half I have switched between 5 different things, from projects, to consuming, to wasting time on my phone.

Ups and Downs are Natural

I think having the ebbs and flows of work, of being productive and not are OK.  The trick is to balance it and not veer off in one direction for too long.  Like I said at the start time to get back on track.

Have you been able to keep on track with your goals or projects?  Or have you been struggling lately?  Let my know either by leaving a comment below, or by contacting me.

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