May Update

About Time for an Update

Now and then I have the idea that I should write a post. In fact, I am sure I started writing a draft of this post, but when I went to check, there was nothing there.

How are you?

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Things good? Been working on stuff.

Hopefully you have,

I’ve been doing bits and pieces, nothing ground breaking, but lots of different things.

Moved house

We moved house.

We weren’t planning on moving so soon, but the landlord gave us 90 days notice. Apparently they were going to be doing up the house. It was a shit house.

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So far, it looks like nothing has been done.

Anyway, we found a better place. Of course that costs more money. But better is good.

Everyone in the old house moved as well. A bit of an unexpected change of how that was going to work, and not totally ideal. But it’s ok.

There is a bit more space, enough to grow a giant pumpkin? Maybe. And if there is, tiny patch 2.0 will make an appearance later on in the year.

Gathering Information

I’ve been updating the info I have for Op Shops. Some of it makes it onto the website, other info just gets added into the database that I store everything in.

I have noticed some spikes in traffic, one I mentioned in a newsletter I sent out. It was some people scraping my data.

They’d asked for it before. They had offered access to the thing they built, a thing I see little benefit in, and quite frankly, is set up stupidly.

I may have been open to sharing info if they had come in a with actual cash offer.

I knew the data being scraped could and would happen. In fact, I think other people may be doing it as well. Funny thing is, the data I have is more than is on the website.

Anyway, I’m updating all of what I have before moving into another stage of the Op Shop Directory.

Wanting to Learn

I like learning things. But only things I find interesting, other things I can find boring.

I also have trouble finishing things. Always have.

Not sure why that is, but I sometimes feel like I should learn new things. I find it best if it is something that I can use.

So filling a gap, and to see if I can finish something, I’ve signed up for a free WINTEC course. It’s all about writing.

All done online, and so far, I’ve learned things. Found it interesting.

I just need to remember to do some of it each day. Having a schedule is key.

More Ideas

I’ve had more ideas. Including an idea for a web series. Do I know anything about writing a web series, or making one? Not at all. But I do have an idea, and I need to write it out and see what I can do.

My main takeaway if you are reading this, write your ideas down. Write them down with as much information as you can. That way when the time is right and you want to look at them again, you’re not starting from scratch.

Another option is to either share them, or give them to someone else.

Enough Rambling

If you’ve read this, well done. If something sounds interesting, or you’d like to know more, get hold of me via the contact page.

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