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I spoke about the Copywriting trend in this blog post.

Since then I’ve been reading bit and pieces about copywriting. But haven’t thrown myself at it.

That’s sort of how I work a lot.

I consume bits and pieces to increase my knowledge a little. Then look at something else.

I’m not sure if I get distracted. Get bored. Or what the reason is.

I want to share this resource I found. To learn copywriting for free.

Great Another Resource

I get it. There are a lot of free things out there.

Some try to up-sell you to something else. Others want you to sign up to a newsletter. Others are shit.

I found something that is Free. No sign ups needed. And I’m finding it engaging.

I’m not affiliated with this. Or have anything to do with anyone involved.

I like it and wanted to share it.

The Copywriting Quickstart Guide – Copy That!

It’s 1 page that gives you a lot of information.

The people behind it are Copy That! They have a YouTube channel.

And that’s all I can tell you about them. I haven’t looked into anything else.

The first video on that page is 5 hours long.

It covers a lot.

And there’s more. Seriously scroll down the page. They lay out a lot of what you need to know. Books to read. Things to do.

I’m still working through it all. Bit by bit.

When I want.

Do Instead of Consume

Like I said in the first blog post. There is a lot of content out there.

Some useful. Some not so much. But a lot of it time consuming.

  • Twitter threads about how to make money
  • Blog posts
  • Tools to help you

All sorts of stuff.

Don’t get stuck consuming content.

Make sure you are doing something. Anything.

If that resonates with you and you have a idea in your head. I suggest checking out my One Day or Day One page.

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