The Best Productivity Tool 2023

We all want to be productive as possible. 

Well, maybe not all of us. But a large majority of people are looking for an edge. Something to help them keep on track, be accountable and product results.

Feeling productive is a great feeling.

Finding the Best Productivity Tool

Does this sound familiar to you? You know to be productive and to be the best you can be you just need to find the right tool.

There are a lot out there. From time tracking, to-do lists, mobile apps, desktop apps. There are plenty of productivity apps made to help you be as productive as possible.

Some have features that work perfectly for you. Others work well in one area, but not others. Some productivity tools sync easily across different platforms. Others let you add team members so you can be productive together.

Searching for the best productivity tool in 2023

It Takes a While to Find the Right Tool

Everyone is unique and different. Same with their requirements. What works for one person might not work for another.

This is why there are so many tools out there to help you be productive. They know people are searching. They know people want to find the right tool.

Maybe their tool with the specific set of features is what will help. Maybe it’s so useful and amazing at what it does, people will pay a monthly fee. 

I mean, if it does what it says, it has to be worth it, right?

Once You’re Happy, could there be Something Else?

Once you’ve been using a tool or system for a while, you begin to wonder, am I missing out?

Maybe you’ve heard of some new thing. Or maybe you feel there has to be something better out there. It’s time to start that search again.

Compare what you know with what is out there. What could work?

Is it easy to switch from one system to another? What are the features? Does it have ChatGPT? Come on, does it?

Stick with the old tool, move to the next one? What will make me more productive, you say to yourself. What is the ultimate productivity tool? Give it to me now, you say to the universe.

Are you happy with your productivity tool? Smiley face painted on the ground.

The Best Productivity Tool / System / Hack is….


There I go, I said it.

Are you dissapointed? Are you like, “oh I see what you did there?” Or are you thinking, “what the actual fuck. Where is the tool.”

No matter where you sit on the spectrum of responses, I’m going to tell you the best productivity tool out there is you.

Ummm OK. But What Does that Mean?

You should be able to create or do what you want in a productive manner without the hassle of trying to find the perfect tool/app/system/whatever.

Use less brainpower on worrying about the best way to be productive. Instead, just be productive.

Easier said than done. You might be screaming at your screen as you read this.

Sure. If you want to think that way. 

That’s what it boils down to. Changing the way you think.

I’m sure productive people are just productive because they either believe in what they are doing. Want to get things done. Or some other driving force behind it.

I think people can get tied up overthinking things. Just start.

It's time to change your thinking around productivity tools

Don’t Overthink It. Just Start.

If it’s something physical in the real world. Just start doing it.

If it’s something online. Just start doing it.

Keep it as simple as possible if you need to. Need to write something? Start typing it out into a text file. Write it down in a notebook. Stop overthinking it.

Overthinking can overrule your brain. While you are thinking about all this crap, you aren’t doing anything.

The most productive I’ve ever been when it comes to writing content was when I was typing out things into a text file and saving them to the USB stick on my keyring.

First drafts are better than no drafts.

Start By Doing, the Rest Follows.

You just need to start. The rest will come. The flow will be there. It can take time. 

Being distracted by new and shiny things, online posts and anything else that is depleting our attention spans is something we all need to grapple with.

But if you want to do something. Then do something.

Start line. Just get started.

Try it out. See how it Goes.

Seriously, if you are stuck in a rut. Or are struggling to be productive, then just start moving forward in some way.

If this resonates with you in some way and you want to talk about it. Hit me up via the contact page.

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