Stop Trying to Find the Perfect PKM

My last blog post talked about the best productivity tool for 2023. Spoiler Alert it’s you.

Making a Change

I came across this video by a guy named Sam Matla the other day.

I was looking up videos about Obsidian. Which they say: Obsidian is the private and flexible note‑taking app that adapts to the way you think.

He talks about procrastination and how people try and find the best tool instead of just doing the work.

He gives 5 things people should do to help themselves out when it comes to actually getting work done and stop procrastinating.

It’s very easy to think there is something better out there to help you, or you are missing this one thing to make you great. I totally agree with that video, and touch on similar things on my free mini course and in other blog posts on here.

I really wanted to share that video. I think it will be useful to a lot of people.

Now back to what I was up to. I’ve decided to start using Obsidian as my daily tool to write things.

Am I Just Wasting Time?

I don’t think so. I’ve used it before in the past and back then I thought there was benefits of using other things.

Previously I was using a combination of:


  • Web Based with a browser and desktop app, although I always used the browser version
  • Easy to access on my phone
  • Can be super slow at times


Inspire Writer

  • Easy to use
  • Great publishing options
  • No side by side options

There’s a lot to like with both of those products. And for the most part they covered everything I needed. From writing and storing notes, to writing things to publish later.


I’m always thinking about future proofing and backing things up. I guess I get paranoid with things breaking or things not being around any more.

In the case of Nimbus I could export out into HTML or PDF. But if something broke, then I could lose a lot of information.

Inspire writer allows me to export in all sorts of formats which is great. The files are also stored on my computer and backed up. But they are in whatever format they use for their program.

Which isn’t too bad.


Obsidian writes all of it’s files which are stored on my computer and backed up in the Markdown format. Which means I can easily open them in a text editor any time I want.

Other things I like about obsidian:

  • Can easily open multiple files and have them side by side or top and bottom
  • Plugins to add functionality
  • Works fast and never any lag
  • Themes to change the look, I use Dracula for Obsidian and love it

Plus I’m sure there are many other features that are great as well.

In a nutshell. I like using it. It’s fast and it’s something I want to use. The only downside is I can’t easily open and edit files on my phone.

There is a workaround for a free way to do that, or you could pay them a monthly or yearly fee for the ability to sync. I’m not doing that.

I will take notes on my phone and transfer them over if I need to. But to be honest I’m OK with that.

In Conclusion

Like Sam said in his video. It’s better to do the work and be productive instead of trying to find the magical answer. Because people created amazing things when they only had paper and a pencil.

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