Marketing summit update, Podcast has been formed

The NZ marketing summit was great, even for someone that has nothing at all to do with marketing really.  There were some very great speakers with a lot of info.

Basically peoples attention spans are getting shorter, marketers need to make sure they connect with people with whatever they are using, and a lot of the marketing people in companies seem to be breaking the rules and doing whatever they want to.

There was a group exercise facilitated by some company that does that sort of thing and we had to break up into groups and put things on a piece of paper on the wall, it was surprising at how many “marketing” people didn’t really talk much or seem to know much, maybe that’s why they were there, to learn stuff.  I see it time and time again people that seem to be in a role in a company yet have no real knowledge.  I guess all that matters is they have a piece of paper saying they paid some money to a learning organisation.

Some cool exhibitors

There were some cool things to see there as well, I didn’t win any of the competitions I had entered with my business card but never fear my name and details will be added to some databases somewhere, I look forward to hearing from them in the future.

So not being a marketer and having a random business card sure led to some interesting conversations once people believed that yes I do actually grow giant pumpkins.

One of them was www.socialplayground.co.nz

Which is a live Instagram printer which you can use for your events.  It was a big box looking thing on a tripod that would pick up your hashtag on Instagram and then print out the image, all of this would take about 20 seconds and was really cool, I could see this working well for weddings and events but……………. only if your guests were up with the play with technology.  But still, older people could interact with the younger generation and get good results.

It would be pretty cool if it could pick up hashtags from say Facebook, which more people would use, although Twitter wouldn’t work well.  I contemplated tweeting out the hashtag for people to use on Instagram and seeing the results as random unrelated photos to the even came out of the machine.  But I didn’t cos that wouldn’t have been cool, but it is an interesting thing that could happen.

Here is a photo of the photos I took, which was tagged on Instagram and I got a photo of.  My original photo is the one of the balloons.

Social Playground Photo Board

Podcast Stuff

I listen to a couple of podcasts now and then, but have to admit to listening to them more and more now, mainly due to my job and the spare time I have.

My mate Chris and I always have random conversations that can be about anything and we share common interests so knew that we had to work on a project together, so we came up with doing a podcast, this is the picture I sent to Chris saying that’s what we were doing:

The Chris and Sam Original image

From this I made a mock up in illustrator (I have no idea what I am doing)

Logo Idea 1 Small 300x300

And from that I sent that over to the people I use on Fiverr (i’ll do a post about using that later on) and got this back:

Chris and Sam podcast 1400 x 1400-01

So we played around with it a bit more and settled on this:

Logo 1400x1400-01

The randomness, technology and life bit is basically what we talk about, we don’t want to focus on just one thing at this point and we will see how it all goes.  And we are still yet to record our first episode, but we are almost there.  Partly due to equipment delay and scheduling with both of us working strange hours.

So what did we have to sort out?

Well my whole mindset from the start is that we should just start recording this properly so it sounds really good.  Chris likes listening to the I love marketing podcast which is a great podcast with lots of info and great guests on it, but holy shit it sounds terrible.  I think they record it via skype or over a telephone and sometimes it is unbearable to me to listen, the other day one of the guys was talking and you could hear the other one breathing loudly, it was creepy as.

So I went and got some proper studio type mics with XLR connections.  A bunch of cords and also an audio mixing desk (this is what the hold up is)

We are recording this all in Chris’s garage which is a good place to start with.

An intro has been made using Fiverr again, the media hosting has been paid for and we have a website which isn’t live yet but can be found at www.thechrisandsampodcast.com

I’m looking forward to doing the shows and getting out there and who knows where it will lead, I think with that and other things I am working on it will mean there will be more updates to this site, which is good, because I really do like this domain.  Until next time, keep it real.

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