End of Pumpkin Season

Just like that it is the end of the pumpkin season for us. It ended with a bit of exposure for giant pumpkins and Tim with his Southern Hemisphere record pumpkin being turned into a Cinderella Carriage by an awesome carver by the name of Mark Jones and Seven Sharp organised it all as this was the top voted idea. It probably helped that was the safest idea, but not necessarily the easiest to pull off.

Carriage 1 Carriage 2 Carriage 3 Carriage 4

This is it on display at the Auckland Botanical Gardens. I’m surprised it had lasted as long as it has, but it must be pretty smelly and gross. Good luck to whoever buys it on Trademe, although all the money going to Starship is an awesome cause.

Travels and Talks

The second half of April I found myself in Christchurch having a break from the pumpkin stuff while heading on down to Little River to check out a pumpkin event.

IMG_1373 IMG_1428 IMG_1451

It was interesting to see how another event was being run, and the effect of it in a small community, something very very different to running a standalone event in a very big city.

Horticulture Talk

I was asked to talk at the Waikato Horticultural Societies April evening, and I gave them a talk about giant pumpkins and how we went about the whole pumpkin boat thing a couple of years ago.

While people are probably not expecting too much from a hairy dude talking about giant pumpkins, I think people are genuinely surprised with what they get out of a talk like this, something I have done before with a very similar talk at the Spark Unconference a couple of years ago.

So if you are after something different from a talk, something entertaining and something your team or group can take from it and you are based in Hamilton or actually anywhere in NZ then please get in touch, I’d love to talk pumpkins with you.

I’m now more organised than ever

I’ve started something new, something that is actually working for me, something that is giving me results, and something that will get it’s own blog post about to give it justice, and I hope to be doing that really soon, so keep an eye out for it.

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