Spark Innovation Unconference

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Spark Innovation Unconference this year, I had also been to the one last year.

Who goes to this?

It’s made up from mainly Spark employees but a whole bunch of interesting random people are also invited (that’s where I fit in)

It’s a great idea and concept and is great connecting and hearing from all these interesting people, and while you may be thinking this is a fancy affair it’s not, it is really grass roots type of thing with the whole weekend being held at a local high school, with the option of sleeping in the library Marae type styles or you can pitch a tent. I tented last year, and stayed in the library this year. Plus if you really wanted you can stay in a Motel.

It is a shame some people get put off by the location and accommodation, as the awesomeness of the event outweighs all of that. Although in saying that if you are the type of person that can’t deal with those things, then maybe your not the type of person that would benefit or contribute to this whole thing.

I’m pretty sure I am suffering from a food hangover, I ate way too much stuff, and not all of it good. So if I go next time, stick to the fruit and water.

I did a session on pumpkins

Two of the four rooms also had visual note takers noting down sessions as they went on. I did a session on the logistics of making a giant pumpkin into a boat, and even got to take home the notes.

I spoke to a small group, but it was really cool and I got some really positive feedback, not only about the whole giant pumpkin thing but about my storytelling abilities.

I met some really interesting people and learned a lot about all sorts of things. And just got more motivated then ever that the other stuff I do is worth it and to keep heading in those directions. I also managed to see people I had met the year earlier and also met some people I had been following on Twitter for many years.


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