It’s been a busy few weeks

It sure has been a busy few weeks around here.


The 48hour furious filmmaking competition rolled around, last year we had issues with the editing and rendering of our film and while we thought we had handed it in, it turned out we had only handed in the team introduction. So while we did manage to get it played during the heats, we were disqualified from the competition, the sound was crap and all round it could have been better. One day that film might see the light of day and get re-edited, maybe.

This year, the team decided to have a practice run a couple of weeks before the actual weekend. This was a great idea and it worked really well. Now I better state right now that I have nothing to do with the organising of any of this, my role within the team is Key Grip, the guy that moves things around and gets things ready in relation to the camera, think tripods, lights etc.

48hr Practice weekend in Hamilton

Another thing we did was to set up a crowd funding page, this was to help feed everyone as we were amassing a rather large crew.

The actual weekend went really smoothly and having a big team that worked so well together was really awesome. The final product was really good, although I’m not a hundred percent sold that it fitted within the genre we got. We found out we got into the finals for Hamilton and the screening of the top 10 is next week.

Actor Henry Ashby in character for our 48hr film cabin the wool

So it seems we now have a core group of people that are keen to make films.

The Chris and Sam Podcast 100th episode party.

It’s crazy to think that this random thing we started in late 2014 is still going, 101 episodes already out there in the wild at the time of writing this.

Chris was in charge of organising the part for this, and it became known as the podfest party. It was held in Auckland, which made sense as a lot of people we know are based there, if we had it in Hamilton a lot less people would have shown up and while it was a time to celebrate the 100th episode of the podcast, it really was used as a mechanism to introduce a bunch of cool people we know to each other. We also had one of the fans of our show and just Kiwi podcasts in general come all the way up from Christchurch, he made some awesome artwork for us.

The Chris and Sam Podcast Fan Art made by Jeremy

Also if Chris is drunk remember to never let him interview people, let alone record those interviews. Classic stuff and he was embarrassed by some of the stuff he was saying.

So right now we are still on a mission to figure out what is causing this stupid clicking sound within the podcast, something that is annoying to listen to, and also annoying to edit. We have the sneaking suspicion it has something to do with the computer we are using and from what I have read it might be something to do with the buffering it has as its recording. Hopefully, we will have it fixed very soon.

The other thing we are sorting out, which is something we said we would do once we reached 100 is to set up a Patreon page for the podcast, we will have to see how that goes, but I feel that a little tiny bit more legit now that we have 100 episodes under our belt.

Other stressful stuff

Straight after that party I was dealing with something else, and I’ve tossed up in my mind if I was going to write something on there or not. I’m leaning towards the latter.

Let’s just say that we did the right thing, went through the process, didn’t get the result we wanted due to a bunch of stuff, realised people are fucked up and all round losers, and will continue going forward and being awesome.

Heading into Pumpkin Season

It’s almost time to plant the pumpkin seeds.  I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things in regards to the pumpkin stuff, but sometimes it is hard.

I always have these big plans every year, but coupled with everything else I sometimes feel overwhelmed.  Something that is helping though was getting this “new” laptop.  While in reality it is old and ex lease, it allows me to do everything I need to without compromising on anything which is what I was doing with the Chromebook.

While a Chromebook is very awesome and great for certain situations you really can’t beat a full function laptop.

So with that, I better stop writing and get onto pumpkin related stuff and make this season one of the best yet.

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