How to Fix Internet Issues in Windows 10

In this post I am going to give you the solution to an internet problem I was having with Windows 10.   Read on to find out if it is the same problem you may be experiencing.

The Problem:

My internet would consistently drop out randomly.  It wouldn’t happen for long periods, but I would get a lot of websites coming up with ERR CONNECTION TIMED OUT or something along those lines, hitting refresh would load the page post times, but it was getting annoying fast.

Things I Tried to Fix It:

The PC was brand new and when it was first started it was running Windows 7, where there were no problems.  I then upgraded to Windows 10 and that is when the problems started.  I checked with my flatmate to see if he was having the same issues and it appeared he was until he changed his browser to Firefox.

Firefox seemed to be a bit better than Chrome, but was waaay slower at loading page for some reason.  Then the same problem happened again, just less frequently but just as annoying.

I was using a wireless dongle connected to the PC to access the internet and thought this may have been causing problems, I checked the drivers for that which were up to date and then tried a LAN connection into the PC.

The problems persisted and it was doing me head in.

How I Found the Solution:

After googling what seemed forever, and trying to find someone who had the same sort of problem I had, I managed to come across a really in-depth article about solving internet issues with Windows 10.  It talked about reinstalling pretty much everything, resetting stuff and going from there.

While the article was no real help to my solution one of the comments was, they had tried everything in the article to no avail and then came across a simple fix, this simple fix is the one I used and it seems to have fixed my internet issues.

The Solution is:

  • Go to device manager
  • Right click on your network adaptor
  • Click properties
  • Click on the advanced tab
  • Click on WiFi config
  • Change performance to WiFi in the drop down box, click OK

It looked like this on my PC

Windows 10 Fix for bad Wifi

Things could be different for your PC setup, I know when I tried to show my flatmate this his didn’t have these options.  And remember I am using a USB wi-fi dongle to connect so your experiences and fix may be different to what I have shown.

Hopefully this has helped someone out there.


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