The Chris and Sam Podcast Website Update

It appears pre-programming a bunch of tweets every time a Chris and Sam Podcast comes out is paying off, well not in money terms but in people checking out the podcast.

When this podcast started it was the first one I had done and I learnt a lot on how things work etc. Now we are 82 episodes into this thing, I thought it was high time to sort out a few other things for the website.

Updates to the site.

  • The website now has an actual page for photos with the captions explaining what episode to check out. I’m really only putting up photos that we have taken and I hope to add a bunch more very soon.
  • I added in a related posts plugin which shows other podcast episodes that people may want to check out. It is an easy way to show other episodes automatically.
  • I added in a YouTube page after changing the YouTube change name to The Chris and Sam podcast, it allows us to publish anything that falls under the brand.

More stuff to come

We have even more stuff to add to the site with the next thing being a link to a T-Shirt store, we have ideas for the words on the shirt, we just need people to design something for us.

The second thing is a bit quiet at the moment and should be out around episode 100, we just have to sort out some stuff first.

Chris has also managed to stop telling people this podcast is a bit crap, I guess he has to say that as the NZ Filmmakers Podcast is stagnant at the moment, and while I could write a whole blog post around the reason why that is, basically I have held up my end of the deal.

After being quite annoyed for a while, I’ve come to the conclusion my name isn’t really associated with that too much, and at this point in time am best to concentrate on my projects, and The Chris and Sam Podcast which I must be putting in 1 – 3 hours a week into it.

If you are thinking about a podcast, want some advice etc, feel free to get in touch with me and we’ll have a yarn about the whole thing.

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