4 Month Hiatus

4 months and no updates, I must have been busy.

The answer to that is sometimes. Measuring how busy you are is never a good idea. Levels of busyness can vary from day to day, and can vary for different people. Some days I was busy binging Netflix, other days I was busy sorting out pumpkin stuff.

Maybe productive should be the measure used. I could always be more productive.

Highlights and averagelights

I went on the school camp to Wellington which was pretty awesome. My Dad was in and out of hospital for gall stones and seems to be all good now.

I went to the gym, other days I didn’t. I didn’t get into more debt, although I did buy some things I probably could have waited for.

Things in general have been rather average, and I think I’m OK with that.


I’ve stalled on The Pumpkin Podcast and Giant Veges NZ. Sometimes I doubt myself in doing those projects, and not getting them done, the procrastination kicks in. Other times I feel like I don’t have the time right now to commit to them.

I do however have a lot of things I am doing and still want to do with Giant Pumpkins NZ, it’s the one thing I constantly think about, the one thing I keep working on, and the one thing I keep coming up with ideas for. It’s easy for me to say that is my passion, the thing I like and want to work on. Everything else can come later I’ve decided.

I’ll get back into posting more stuff later on as well, I’m not actually sure who if anyone reads this. But… it was always there for me to help keep track of things, and share interesting things with other people.

If you are reading this, hello. Say hi below, more posts will be coming soon. Just know I am working on things all the time, sometimes it just varies as to what.

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